Sympathy Deluxe Fresh Pastry Gift Basket


This condolences gift basket makes a prestigious presentation and is the ultimate in sophistication and elegance; it will send a message loud and clear that communicates just how important you think they are.

Demonstrate your high regard for kosher clients and business associates in the most delicious way, by sending this stylish and elegant Sympathy Deluxe Fresh Pastry Gift Basket to the VIPs on your gift list.

Sent with a very nice sympathy card.

We will always send this gift to clients for any number of occasions. We always receive gracious comments. Also well remembered. Kevi K,. Manhattan, NY

OU Kosher-Pareve, Pas Yisroel

Indulge the senses with our award winning line of unique and upscale delectable fresh baked goods items, Lasting Impressions is packed to the brim and overflowing with gourmet baked goods including Traditional Chocolate Babka, Assorted Chocolate Cinnamon and Flaky Pastry, Assorted Gourmet Cookies, Mini Cup Cakes and Fruit Filled Danish. You will dazzle them with this extravagant medley that truly conveys your good taste and sincerity. Recipients will always remember your generosity.


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